Useful old commands not working 2023

checking 2023
some useful old commands are not starting in new version, command is locked and displayed gray
If I open old file with same command in history I can edit it but enable to start new one
Other options are available but I prefer to use same
Any solutions

HI PDPatel:

Your situation is caused by importing the old configuration file

Thanks for replay
I didn’t import any configuration
just new installation for trial
can you share screen shot with that command

HI PDPatel:

Importing configuration files across versions is not recommended.


==================close ZW3D================== :grinning:


==================/del**==================** :grinning:


==================start ZW3D================== :grinning:


Thanks for replay
take action you suggested but same problem
I use !FtBoolAll Command which is combination for add shape, remove shape and intersect shape(all three in one command) works fine in 2022 but in 2023 it gives warning This command can not be executed in current scene!
check my first thread image with customize pop up, combine command not associated any environment, is there any setting to add environment to command
check image to see error

Hi PD,
don’t you like the ‘newer’ Boolean for Dummies commands that creates 2 extra buttons on the drop down???
I was told ‘user’ had asked for that. But it ignores the Less is More rule completely.
Cheers - Paul

HI PDPatel:
Try them!!!



Thanks for replay
I know add and remove shape but I prefer to use combine
And combine is just example, there are many more useful commands are not executed and there are no alternative commands for some of them.
commands are available but can’t execute it
is there any internal setting change or change in command properties possible? Which makes it executable

HI PDPatel:
This can’t be achieved because it’s limited by them. I’ve seen no switch!

Thanks to zw3d_liangfen
For details see thread How to customize RMB menu in Zw3d 2023?