ZW3D Vault - How to Use It

Does anyone here have a good grasp of how the vault works in ZW3D. I have tried to make it work, but the lack of clear help files and not being able to find any videos on how to use it makes it a bit of an enignma to me.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ken,
I have not used it either.
It will take a reply from someone in ZW or a user with that knowledge.
What I do know is that the whole PDM/PLM thing is getting attention from ZW as larger customers are demanding that capability -but this is of no help to you now.
What country are you in?

Hi Paul
I am in Australia.
I had done a lot of reading and investigation when using Inventor, but the costs were just too prohibitive to implement.
I am hoping I can get something going with ZW3D.

Hi Russty,

As the info I already know, the internal vault in ZW3D is in down state 'cause we already has a independent PDM software called ZW3D PDM, I can send you some intruduction videos if you’re interested, thanks for your attention.

Hi Leo,
Thank you for that info
Could you please post some video here if not already posted elsewhere?

Yes I can do that, but it seems the video format or .zip are not allowed to upload…

Hi Leo,
My apologies. The forum is on a dedicated resource server so is not suited for hosting large files. Can you place the video on a storage server somewhere. Google Drive, Onedrive, etc and provide a link. Cheers

Hi Paul,
It’s alright, I can fully understand that, below is the one drive link to download the related videos;!AtqrK13YXuLiehhgK57OljEWh64?e=tCvbPm

And there are some info you need to know:

  1. Now the ZW3D PDM is not compatible with ZW3D 2020, the newest supported version is ZW3D 2018, yet the PDM for V2020 is under developed now;
  2. As you posted before, now ZWSOFT lays more and more attentions in PDM, but for this moment, the ZW3D PDM is not for official selling, it’s only custom-made for the customers who need it, so if someone is interested, you can contact us then;

Thanks for your attention!

Hi Leo
That is an interesting statement you make about it not being compatible etc. with 202, but after having just upgraded I find the program still contains the all the PDM bits that were there in 2017.
Perhaps I should just look elsewhere for PDM.