ZW3D fails when PC/Windows sleeps

Hi. Most times when I leave my ZW3D active while busy with a Project, once I leave the PC and then come back about 12hours later–PC is Hibernating – then when I “START-UP” the PC it comes out of Hibernation and then there is an error from ZW3D that the program has stopped working. I do get the choice to send error report, which I do each time, but I would lik,e to know if there is a cure for this problem.

I am running Windows 10 Pro

ZW3D fails when windows sleeps
This is the proof that ZW was open but now cannot find the file that was open last night.

ZW Failed
It happened again this morning

Hi Alan,
I do not trust Windows to sleep.
Its like a teenager on a Saturday morning -very hard to wake…
Never had any real success with that on any software. Hit and miss at best.
Plan B???
Cheers - Paul