ZW3D equation manager

I there,

Is any example of creating some equations and using if function?

I’m also looking for something like this. How o to create this?


This zw3d support can be configured!

And how?
Standard parts, or something else?

Hi T-F,
You can Configure a part then publish the Configuration using the Library Publisher.
You can use a spreadsheet for your variants.
As to the IF statement use - I do not know.
Help on the Publishing is adequate.

Effectively you can create your own ReUse Library.
The challenge is managing the parts. I am not sure if the Copy to Assembly Option is a good idea?
The issue for me is that I do not want multiple file instances of a library part e.g. a bolt, and it is unclear to me how this is done short of creating individual files for each common part(library) then the assembly just calls this from the common part folder.
Curious how this managed in other software…

Cheers - Paul

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Please refer to the configuration method below!
零件 (99.4 KB)

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Thanks! Right now I don’t have acess to my computer. Later on, I will test it.

I saw the file, and it’s what I was looking for! Thanks.
By the way is there any video or something for the other 2 options?

  • Using If, Then, Else Operators in Expressions
  • Attach Feature Suppress Condition


I hope I can help you!
零件 (25.6 KB)




Exactly that.

is it possible to use if else statement in equation manager?

For example if I want to extract pos number from name of part and there is no number than then return the error.

how can this error be treated?


Although I have tried, but this seems to have a BUG, if empty, you get the software will crash。

I’ve given them feedback, maybe you can use macro script tips