ZW3D down under

Hi folks,

My name is Acon and I’m the founder of Better 3D Lab ( here in Brisbane, Australia. We’re the official Australian reseller of several 3D products, including ZW3D.

I knew Paul since the old time when the official English forum was still alive. A couple of months ago I had a chat with him and promised to show up here, but then we got involved in a CG film production and became super busy. Now the film project is finished and I got more time.

I personally am a 13-year 3D CAD user and digital sculptor, also familiar with reverse engineering. I’ve used a lot of different 3D CAD programs but now settled down with ZW3D because I found that it meets my expectations better than other products. ZBrush skill is another expertise and I found it very useful for cleaning the 3D scan data before we load it into our reverse engineering pipeline and ZW3D modelling.

In the last two months we scanned a lot of film props and some of the mechanical props (i.g. weapons used in the CG) we didn’t use the traditional ZBrush retopology/hard surface modelling to re-design the objects, instead we used our reverse engineering software QUICKSURFACE and ZW3D to build up the CAD models, and then went back to ZBrush and other tools (like Topogun) to do all the required steps for the film production.

It’s a unique pipeline and got some potential, giving the fact that ZW3D is usually only used in the industrial design aiming at the manufacturing. I’ll share more details when I’m allowed to.

Anyway I’m glad to find the time to say hello here (before yesterday I was working 14 hours, 7 days/week like crazy). Thanks Paul and all the OZ/Kiwi users to build this forum and community. I’ve been a ZW3D user for around 2 years so might not be as professional as Paul but just like him, I got supported directly by guys from ZWSoft so if you have any questions about the software, I would be more than happy to share my point of view. Mandarin Chinese is my native language so communication might be a bit easier here. If you would like me to ask any questions which is hard to get across by English, just let me know.

All the best to everyone here.

Acon @ Brissy

Hi Acon,
sorry I missed this.
Welcome to the Forum.