ZW3D 2022 - Silent update - 7 June 2021

Hi All V2022 users.
ZW have released an updated version of 2022 on the download page which should be download an installed now.
Same links as normal. (This is not a Service Pack as such)
Note: You might wish to Save your User Profile and User Folders if you have customized in anyway.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:

That’s good news. I’ve been waiting for 2022sp。
ZW3D 2023应该已经在路上了,我们一起期待吧。
ZW3D 2023 should be on the way. Let’s look forward to it together.

Hi Liangfen,
Don’t expect 2023 until about April 2022.
My understanding is the annual cycle will stabilize from here on in.
Cheers - Paul