ZW3D 2021 SP1 - Service Pack release

Hi All,
ZW have released a service pack for 2021 which should be installed ASAP.
~150 fixes included resolving a range of reliability issues.
Cheer - Paul

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Thanks Paul,

Do you have also an overview of the improvements and new item of the SP.

Kind regards


Hi Guys,
Since I am a new poster on the forum ZW does not let me post files.
Here is a link to my drive with a pdf that shows some of the details.

Hope this helps.
Randy Biebel

Hi Randy,
welcome to the Forum.
Some files are not allowed to uploaded to the Forum as it has finite but dedicated resources for speed.
So now we will need a Whats New for 2022 - due next month.

Cheers - Paul

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nice. thanks for the information …