ZW3D 2020 Service Pack Release - July 2020

There is a Service Pack release for 2020 that fixes a number of issues. .
The install will recognize your existing install and keep all your settings which is really nice.
As soon as the release is public I’ll post a link.

  Key Optimizations

Improved the ease of use of Blend Curve.
Added DME standard to moldbase.
Solved an issue where fixed components can still be moved.
Fixed an issue where sketch references of closed curves will lose after regeneration.
Fixed an issue where constraints can not be disabled when having problematic constraints.
Fixed an issue of failing to update a component when regenerating all components.
Fixed an issue where the k factor in sheet metal attribute can’t be saved to files.
Fixed a display problem where only pictures are shown in sketches.
Fixed an issue where the operations of Blank/Unblank will affect the regeneration results.
Fixed an issue where when executing Regen Assembly, all the components will be regenerated.
Fixed an issue where crashes may happen during file import or PMI annotation.
Fixed some errors in history regen and display.


Fixed an issue where some variables of operation list don’t work in the Polish version.
Fixed an issue where ZW3D may crash during solid verification.
Fixed an issue where the values of S & F output in CL are not the same as the values in the operation parameter form.
Fixed an issue where the results of turning thread output is wrong in the inch environment.
Fixed an issue where S values and F values can’t be saved together to an older tool library when executing Save All.
Fixed an issue where SGPost can’t work in ZW3D 2020.
Fixed an issue where the S values and F values are wrong in the operation list and operation view.
Fixed an issue where the solid verify results are incorrect after arraying toolpaths in ZW3D 2020.

We hope you like the new version.
Best regards,

Service Pack now available.