ZW3D 2020 Draw Layout parameters

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to insert in my Template Block the path to my part. the problem is that all my files are in a NAS and the path lenght is very long, like
\NAS\documents\documents\ABC SRL\DRAWINGS\ABC spa\ABC 2023\Draw number

i would very much like to extract only the last 3 folders in which my files are, is this possible? it would help my workflow very much.
from italy,

Welcome Maestro.
I am guessing you have a number of files per directory location - project?
It is possible you could set up a User Parameter and enter the values manually
Or you could make a permanent field in your part template that held that info and reference the Field name in User Attributes.
You could also have default values in the part template that you edit,
Cheers - Paul.