Z3ASM 2 Z3PRT How to

hi everybody,

is it possible to make out of a assy a part.
For example a screw createt by zw3d is an assembly, why?
In my oppinion it shoud be a part.
I know i can create the screw in a part and Extract shape but that is not the way i prefer.

I am grateful for any tips

Did you leave it open?


no i do not.


that is the result


Hello Torsten, if you want to create a .z3 file then you have to leave out “One Object per file”.
What zw3d_liangfen means.

Hello ZW3D Experte.
The Question is:
How can i make out of a xxx.z3asm a xxx.z3prt file.
In the mold modul zw3d create a standart part (screw, bolt, o-ring) as an assembly, not a part.
If i want to organice the bom and sorting assemblys there are the screws and o-rings or else also as an assembly. I can´t really controll it. I work with this software since 2009 but i think now it is the time to change to cimatron. I am testing it and there is much more control to make bom with pos.
best regards

This is unfortunately something that has been created by moving to single part file system. All the ZW3D Screw / Bolts / O rings for tool design have 2 bodies.
The bolt and the trim shape to create the thread hole detail. I am using 2023 and it’s makes it difficult to navigate assemblies.
Hopefully 2025 will eventually resolve most of the existing and new problems!
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Hi PayneTandD
2 bodies is not the problem.
every part i create has a body and a delete body (pkt/pocket) and together it´s a part.
the problem is the developer. I can`t believe the standarts must be assys.
i am disappointed, there is so much potential

Yes it is a developer problem with the conversion. Should be a part. Can create a part with multiple body’s. They used to be parts in previous version. As mentioned hopefully its fixed in 2025.
It is a software with lots of potential but also going through big changes.

I don’t think they will solve the problem so quickly.
In general, there are still some problems that we have, but we also have others. And this hasn’t just been the case since the 2024 version, but for several years before. I’m talking about the CAM area.


Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that’s what you want?


Hi liangfen,
yes you are wrong.
I want a file with shapes is a part.
And a file with parts is an assembly.
If a standartpart such as a screw will be modified it is nomore a standartpart.
So to make it a *.Z3 is not the best way.
I only wish i have more control to make bom and filter to open files.
I don´t understand why a screw is an assembly, there are only the shape and the deletebodyshape(poket). Can you explain it?
Best regards,


If you can match it with a picture, maybe it’s easier for me to understand。

Hi Torsten, good question.
Does having two bodies/shapes in a part make in an assembly? No.
I like the idea of a standard part but not sure I think it should have pocket built in. That is a work around from the Mold and Die app.

Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,
yes the idea is good. But if i modify it, it wont be a standard part any more.
In this case it must be possible to make out of the xxx.z3 a xxx.z3prt. (only a wish)
Dear developer: why it isnt possible to create the standart as xxx.z3prt?
I can create a standard in a xxx.z3prt and then export the shape and the pocketshape to a standardpartname.z3prt, but it is elaborate, takes a lot of time, attribute will be lost and it is not the way I am aiming for.
But shure to make it xxx.z3 was better than xxx.z3asm and a first step, this was perhaps a wish for zw3d2025 but i don`t know if i go to the next version.

My next project i will try it with cimatron.

Best regards Torsten from germany