Where are drawing templates in 2024

Hi Paul
I am changing over to ZW3D 2024 and trying to reuse drawing sheet templates set up in v2020. The templates are set up in a non-standard directory for ease of backup in file AHPTemplates_MM.Z3 but v2024 cannot automatically find this file or open it - old file format. I can open the file but cannot save it to a new file format. Any suggestions - I seriously do not want to have to set up the sheet templates again. Did you get your house finished?

Hi Jim, house nearly done, Working on building the kitchen in ply. Lots of fun.
I have managed to copy get older templates running in 2024. I open ed a copy of the old tempalates and the new in 2024 then copied and pasted between the two then saved the 2024 one.
Seemed to work OK.
Cheers - Paul

Thanks, I will give it a try

Paul, this is not working for me. It seems that 2020 keeps drawing templates in a Templates_MM.Z3 file which is in my ZWDATA folder, not my user folder. 2024 cannot find this file even though it is listed in the Configuration / Files tab and cannot find a copy of this file in my user folder. I can open Templates_MM.Z3 by opening it directly. If I open a new blank drawing sheet, try to copy a drawing sheet template onto it and Save As, it saves it as a ZWDRW file and there is only one size sheet available. Is this what is supposed to happen? I guess that I can mess around and make a dozen or so ZWDRW files each with a specific sheet size but then I have to keep changing the default sheet size every time I want a different size sheet or list all the drawing templates in the search list. It all seems a bit long winded and surely I am doing something wrong as it used to work very conveniently. Any Ideas?

I decided to follow your advice to bring old templates into 2024. Half a day I will never get back. Surely there must be an easier way.

Hi Jim,
lets say this aspect of changing versions is not well documented.
I did some tests,
You can open the 2020 Template file and select all the customised templates then use the Separate command and locate them in a resource folder of choice.Quick.
Now you can point ot folder in config and it works file.
From memory, Title Templates needed to be in the Program Folder/…/languages/…/resource folder as they are called from within a ZW command and do not loo at the config for location. Perhaps this has been changed.
Ive always wondered why MS Program Data is not used for all files of this kind.

Cheers - Paul