What version of zw3d do you use now?

Hello all:

What version of zw3d do you use now?

  • ZW3D2022X
  • ZW3D2022
  • ZW3D2021
  • ZW3D2020
  • ZW3D2019
  • ZW3D2018
  • ZW3D2017
  • ZW3D2016
  • ZW3D2015
  • ZW3D2014
  • ZW3D2013
  • ZW3D2012
  • ZW3D2011
  • ZW3D2010

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I use 2020 and it is solid. I need to get my work done, not be frustrated.

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I use the 2021 version because that is the last good and working version.
The 2023 doesn’t work at all… :rage:

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2023 works for me and I was happy to upgrade. :slight_smile: slight_smile:

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2023, but not entirely happy with the clunky, hit or miss issues that have been programmed into this version.
I upgraded because, apparently, ZW3D does not release service packs other than new versions. Unfortunately the issues are not fixed in the later version, just new problems created.

ZW3D need to be a responsible software developer and put out service packs. That is why we pay maintenance, I thought?


HI Grasshopper76:
You’re right!:grinning:

HI Russty:
You are right. It does not support the upgrade package operation at present, and it needs to be downloaded again every time Other platforms based on it support online upgrading, but I have felt that it is equivalent to downloading all the products and replacing them,

HI Designs:
Some places are really getting better and better!

HI ZW3D.Experte:
2021&2022 is the dividing line, and their differences are still great!
Both of these functions guide users to single file mode.

I still use 2019 , because all of my formulas are not working in newer versions …

HI hamed.desighn:
Because of the change in the variable manager!

I can’t work with the 2023. The memory problems and the new tool - feed table does not work at all. And those are just two things that bother me about the new ZW3D version.
Maybe the next version will see better.