Weld trim changes direction after resizing entities on sketch

Hi all,

When resizing entities on a sketch used for weldments the direction of some weld trims changes direction. Before resizing part looks fine and after resizing and changing direction of affected weld trims this error does not seem to happen anymore.
Can this error be fixed or avoided?


Hi koenverschueren,

I have had odd behavior too with weldment profiles tools.
Like :

  • creating a LENGHT variable
  • creating a sketch with a single line of lenght = LENGHT
  • making a equal flange L profil using weldment profile
  • adding one sketch / extrude to make holes for screw on one flange, at each extremity, and in the middle
  • then play with the LENGHT var value
  • only to discover that lets say with 2770mm work, 2780 work, 2781 work, 2782 crash the holes sketch, up to 2785, then from 2786 and up, everything is ok again…


If you have a repeatable/predictable crash, then please send the model and full description to ZW for development to investigate. This should be through your reseller.
Or direct to zw3d@zwsoft.com
It is only with good examples of code failing that these things can be fixed.
Cheers - Paul