Version 2924 BUG List!

We can use this post to record identified bugs in 2024. Hopefully ZWSOFT are watching. It seems there are a number of regression bugs.
Cheers - Paul

File Explorer looses Mouse Back/Up response.
In previous versions, using the back button on the mouse takes the user back up the directory. V2024 it doesn’t do anything.

Reverse gear must exist, usually after their official version is released, the official website will secretly update the installation and gradually repair BUG!

Hi All,

For those who have missed the newsletter from ZWsoft, which may end up in the spam box of most mail servers, due to the long list of url links, last week a new version was put online.
Download links remain unchanged.

Good luck!

Well, that’s great news!

lock rotation in concentric constraint and equation rename bug is not solved yet

File Explorer from version 2023 is total crap.
With the new design, it no longer works at all.
Is there any way to reinsert the old Windows File Explorer?

I would like the old file explorer also. Saving the files gives an error with my pdm system (M-files).
Have mentioned this issue already at the 2023 version.

If only there were at least one option so that one could choose between new and old design.

New vs old. That is why I am not moving on. Started with VX 9.41 thru 2022. Using 2020 not 2022 because of the new platform. 2020 is solid and use it everyday. I have to get my work done.

2024 He returned to this form, which you can decide whether to use it or not。



Is this the wrong title? Not a 2024bug?
The core is also R2800
Or is it a reptile avoidance measure?

Hello, do you still have vx old installation package? Is it convenient to share it with me?

Hi Laingfen, you are correct about the title, but it is a mess now anyway. Yes avoiding reptiles is part of the challenge with ZW3D!!!
Cheers - Paul

Liangfen I will have to look, maybe yes.

HI PDPatel:

It seems that there are new changes in the variable manager of 2024, and he is still polishing it


Looking forward to your sharing.

Thanks :smiley: This option works as in 2022. I can use M-files again without the workarround. :grin:

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That’s great. :grinning:
I didn’t even know that this option existed in the ZW3D 2024.
Finally the same as before and everything works again.
Thank you for the advice.



Yes, the new does not support multiple choice, but there are some benefits, used to it can not go back!