Variable browser in 2023

I am using ZW3D 2022 version.
Trying 2023, variable browser is changed too much.
In 2022 I can use expression and get variable from any external part or file.
Now in 2023 if I use expression first expression - get variable - reference external variable - select form other files equation - Import it to current part before linking to any features
This process is very lengthy. Is there any short process to link variable from external part or file?

Hi PD, yeap it is partially developed system as far as I can tell.
The Import thing should be totally automatically done in the background by selecting variables from the first page.
At which point I would rank it an improvement in accessibility. All open parts are visible in the drop down so that makes it much better that the old.
I did a really simple test and multiplied to expression values, one from each part but the error -Unmatched type came up which is bonkers.
Some how making things uber easy for users escapes developers first time around at least.
Renaming files in another one that is over hard or poorly guided.
However, I think the new way is here to stay so better to get familiar and fast than regress to the old.
Cheers - Paul