V2023 BENDING MODULE drawings

Hi guys,

I am trying out the sheets bending improvements that come with v2023.

While getting my .dxf export ready (through empty 2D drawings), I use the newly integrated function to automatically show the unfold sheet (I used to make configs within my parts, one for the final piece, and one for the unfold, and then display config 1 or 2 within the drawings).

It seems to be working well and everything, except that any projected views from those “unfolded” view immediately get the red highlight and “Outdated” comment, with the impossibility to get rid of it (seems so).
I am kinda nitpicky, and not being certain that my secondary views perfectly matches the parent view worries me.

I use those projected views to quickly add dimensioning or process information, to be quickly printed and given to the cutting and bending workers, when I do not want to take the time to make full official drawings with title blocks and everything.
Being projected, I am guaranteed any dimensions on them matches what I will be sending to my cutter DB, and I can quickly and mindlessly box select the parent view part’s outline in my cutter SOFTWARE.

If I have to work differently, I will change my ways, but right now I was satisfied with this process.


Hi Nicolas,
you are not being nit picky.
Are you using the SP that has just been released?
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
It’s normal to have demand

Hi Paul,
No, I am still using base version, my licence provider didn’t mailed me the link to their SP package. But I can contact them first.


I have installed the Service Pack.
I don’t seem to have the issue anymore on new pairs of flattened view and their projections (either in the same file and drawing, or in newly created one).

But the first inserted projections that showed the bug are still “outdated”. I guess they got corrupted somehow…