V2022 - Enhancements in Sketch

Hi all, there are many enhancements in 2022. I am doing one Topdown design in there and will post some enhancements that really work for me.

Feel free to add what you really like too. New Topics are fine for each.

In sketch we get a marker for Driven dimensions.

Makes a real difference.

Cheer - Paul

Oh yeah, it was the difference between
“I will never use equal dimensions as I don’t want to bother to remember or search the parent one”
“I use it all the time”.

On the other hand, there are still things here and there that bother me, or even new behavior.
I already have captured about a Go of desktop video capture about bugs or odd behavior, that I intended to share with ZWsoft and/or my reseller. I imagine some of those could also be discussed here with you.
I actually only exchanged with them about a single points at the moment, sharing videos and screenshots via mail, but thats not practical with large files. I was thinking of some online shared folders solution, on which I would upload my “bug report” when I have them, and on which people with access (that I could manage) could check them when they have the time, with maybe a simple email alert for new content, and maybe with updated discussion within the shared folder. I just don’t know what service to pick, as I never been in the need to follow the “cloud train”.


Hi Nicholas,
I have a long standing one on one relationship with ZW3D support where I send a steady stream of suggestions and occasionally a bug find. My focus in generally around UI issues where the work flow could readily be improved. I do 10,000s of clicks a day so any improvement in work flow is a big deal.

My suggestion to you is that you make a new post any time you have an issue you think needs attention. Then we get some feedback and I an happy to make sure ZW get to hear about it. The more comments they get, the easier to make decisions about change.
So dive in.
Cheers - Paul

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