Using State for Sheetmetal drawings - Unfolded/Folded

Here is an older ZW3D technique for dealing with drawings in sheet metal and other multi stage operations.

We are using a History Operation called State - it is a Timestamp in history. (You can rename the entry for clarity too)
It is found here.
Add a State to record the stage the object is at NOW.
We can then use this for creating a drawing of the object at that point in time.

Here is a History example.

And here is how you use it when inserting a view in a drawing.
(There are two ways you can insert a view - I use the Automatic or Standard - Standard gives you more control so use that)

State is a very stable and powerful way of creating drawings showing development. You can have numerous States in a History…

You can have the same object on several States on the same drawing sheet or spread across multiple streets.

All clear?


Thanks Paul, that is pretty neat.

Thanks Paul, looks very useful.

I stopped working with “Record State” because in version 2020 the files get bigger. So… i started using “Config Table”.

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Hi Manuel,
I switched to Config too, for a while. But config requires more time and is trickier in an assembly environment.
The big plus for me was that State is stable in drawings.
I stopped worrying about file size years ago.