Using Shape attributes in a table?

Z3 2022. I have not used the shape attributes feature before.
Recently I modeled a woodworking project that instead if a vast assembly, built a series of discrete shapes with a part. I then added some attribute detail to each shape(RMB on the Solids in Tree).
So in the drawing sheet. I thought I could use Structural BOM to show the various items. But no, it doesn’t do anything except lead me through the process of setting up a table then does nothing.

What am I doing wrong or does it just not work this way?

Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,

Indeed, there may be still a bug in this area.
I found that adding attributes in the object manager(i still work in multi object mode) to individual shapes is not stored when you leave the input field active.
Only after a click in an empty field saves the info
If you are modeling an object from multiple shapes in one part, there is an option to add material and name attributes to every individual shape.
Only not all attributes survive the transfer to single part objects or single file objects by using the Extract shape command to separate the shapes and leave an assembly behind in the file you are working in
Material can be stored until the assembly tree but names of shapes get lost when the original objects were edited and replaced in the assembly.
We have a customer who designs interiors in vans working this way.
It is not the most common way of using the system, but with a well designed set of templates he doe not need deep knowledge of the system and assembly structures.
The workflow is quite simple, the cad template has two predefined layers, one is the design layer for all the shapes and th other is the layer that becomes the assembly
In design he models the entire interior with shelves and drawers to which he already can assign the material attributes per shape and when finished he uses the Extract shape command and uses the setting “extract as component” and" use shape material" in associative extract mode to the predefined assembly layer.
With assembly settings, like “regenerate part before insert” every change in the design layer will be transferred to the assembly when it is updated.
In the assembly, we start thinking about the names of the components that we want to see n the BOM.
When assigning a name to a component, the name stays stable after an update of the original shape.
It surely works in V 2022 and most likely in 2023 to.
However, I have not tried this in the single object mode yet.


HI Cowboy99:

I hope I can help you!