Use macro to create a set of points - then create a curve using the created points

Is this possible using macros?

If not, is this possible at all using ZW3D?
I do it 1 point at a time but would like to automate the creation of the points and then automate the curve creation


Hi Stuart, what is the source of the point data?
You can do multiple points data sets from excel data as long as the format is correct.
Search Import Point.
A bit more info about your problem will help people understand what you are trying to solve.
Cheers - Paul

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Hi Paul,
I have a ZW3D example of what I want to do.
How can I send it to you?

I am using ZW3D 2015.

I currently create the points per this example or create the points using a macro in NCL and then IGES import the points into ZW3D.

Using ZW3D is excruciating as some of the point quantities are in excess of 400.

I have been experimenting with Insert > Equation Curve. It looks promising.

In ZW3D I can vary the distance of the plane on layer 1 to achieve some flexibility.

In NCL I use variables for all the dimensions and quantities. This allows me to control configuration of the end goal.

I can create a curve through the points in NCL but the resulting IGES imported curve is not as accurate as the native ZW3D curve.

As it is now I have to pick the points to create the ZW3D curve. This is also excruciating with a large number of points.

thank you for responding


been using NCL since 1990

been using VX/ZW3D since 1997

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I just tried to upload the example file. I am a new user and I am not allowed. I don’t know when I will be allowed. Is there another way to get the example file to you?

You can download here:

HI,Hello old users, perhaps you can upload some pictures and the like up, directly upload to the third-party network disk is better.

Older versions do not have direct import function, perhaps you can use plaintext IGES format import

Your macro files?

1.Macros are also generated according to your choice, or in the order of the point coordinates provided.
2.Macros aren’t that smart, and they’re inefficient.

This is an example of the process I want to automate in ZW3D.
I want to automate all of the move commands and then create a curve with the moved points.

I feel it’s easier if it’s external point coordinates and then imported and let it automatically create curves.

It is recommended to upgrade the new version, although since 2012 he has discounted the original macro features, but now 2025 some places are optimized, some macros are better than the old version.




I use NCL to generate points.
I use IGES to get the points into ZW3D.
How do I automatically generate curves?

NCL file you need to upload。

I guess it’s in text format, maybe you can just paste the content up.

I export the points out of NCL using IGES.
I import the points into ZW3D using IGES.
I can then pick the points to generate curves.
I want to automatically generate curves from the imported points.

Yes, you need to provide some data, this kind of problem, and then the higher version comes with this mode, you need to write this version of the macro.

In the later version of ZW3D is it possible to use variables in the example file I sent.
I want to use a variable in the copy command.
I want to create a curve through the points created by the copy command.
I want to fillet intersections of the curves.
Does anyone have an example of a macro doing this type of work?
I will gladly download the latest version to test a macro.

test.mac (437 字节)


# Author - 金州锅锅
# Date - 2024/5/4
# Version - 29
# Description 

MACRO main
GLOBAL P_New = 0,0,0
iCnt = 0
	WHILE (iCnt<10)
		P_New[0]=10 + iCnt * 2
		P_New[1]=20 + iCnt * 4
		P_New[2]=30	+ iCnt * 8

:sweat_smile:Don’t say test, with macro not many people, maybe you can share vx information, I can help you write this project.