Unstable models surfaces

I get this problem every now and then with imported parts. Normally have to reload or redo some work.

In this case I have redrawn the part because it had fallen over and then erased the original imported file.

So it’s a Zw3d model now, after programming it had happened again. In this case I can roll back the design tree and regen each feature to get my work back.

Are others having this problem, any solutions?Plate

Hi Matt,
send me your model… Doesn’t seem right.
In my experience if it is not a bug, i is a modelling glitch.

Hi, I have seen this sometimes while Surfacing my models. Usually I fix this problem by repairing the surface related to where this invisible is connected. That is if it is “Not the whole model”, but just a surface error.


Hi Alan,
I checked this model with Matt (off forum) and we found a problem that was easily fixed.
It was not bug related at all.
Cheers - Paul