Trying to wrap a pattern around a revolved shape

I am trying to wrap this simple pattern around the vase,
However, it does not completely enclose the shape and neither does it fully reach the top.

As can hopefully be seen in the screenshot I am using the UV wrapping function.
Geometry is the ring pattern solid
Source is a flat surface, which perfectly covers that pattern.
face is the exterior face of the revolved shape.

Is the UV function even the correct function to accomplish this ?
The ZW3D documentation is lacking.

Will not upgrade to 2021 this year so would need any return files I’d prefer in 2020.

The file is too big for upload, so here’s a dropbox link

Wrapping pattern

Hi Peter, you did not say what the the problem was.
Is it correct to assume you want the pattern uniform over the whole vase?
One way of sending big files is to suppress the history so that when we open it we can unsuppress. Then there is very little geometry to transport. Also always turn off shape geometry when saved.
Here is a first try, Just do one vertical row and get the Morph working - mine is not quite right. Then pattern the shape around the axis, using he Derive option for the Angle.
I don’t know what happened to the vase!
Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,

The problem description is in the second sentence :wink: The pattern does not reach the top of the vase and It does not wrap completely around the vase, but leave about 10-15 degrees free. I am not sure whether that its the intended function of the tool. I’ve found exactly one 3-4 minute tutorial that flies through the wrap functions and it looks like it should do it.

In the meantime, I have tried the pattern wrap function and after some experimentation have figured out that this will get me what I need. I’ll post results once I am done.

Morph and wrap are really complex - so many options and the Help is not super descriptive.
Looking forward to your results.

Here we go:
Renders created in Fusion 360. Modeled in ZW3D using the wrap pattern tool.

Vase_with_Pattern_componets_2021-Jan-21_11-24-02PM-000_CustomizedView22828307638_png Vase_with_Pattern_componets_2021-Jan-21_11-27-08PM-000_CustomizedView18424447539_png

@Cowboy99 the reason your pattern isn’t “quite right” is the same reason the pattern in the forst post isn’t quite right.

While patterned geometry covers the source perfectly it does not completely cover the target face:


The wrap pattern to faces is the more appropriate tool for this but this still looks like a bug to me, or I don’t fully understand how to use the tool.

Are there any of the ZW3D developer here on this forum that could chime in ?

You mentioned to “turn off shape geometry”. Where do I do that ?

Thank you for your help!

Hi PeterD,

This might work but not 100% sure. I’m not from ZWSoft but the OZ reseller. :slight_smile:

If you would like the pattern to be wrapped precisely onto the shape, you can try to (1) use the Unfold to Plane command under Free Form tab to have the whole surface area unfolded and laid on an assigned plane, and then (2) create your pattern on that plane (may take time in this case because the unfolded surface is not a square), finally (3) use Wrap to Faces under Shape to attach the pattern onto the surface. Be sure to pick the third method “Wrap by refolding an “Unfold” feature” and assign the result of (1) to it.

In your case I think the way you showed on the screenshot will work even better by revolving the surface only by like 10 degree, get the job above done and then create a circular pattern of everything x 36.

Hope that works.


AWESOME looking Vase. Well done Peter!

Hi Peter,
you final result is indeed impressive. Well done.
For a verification is what might be a bug, the Development team would need a copy of you model demonstrating the problem.
It does not need to be you final just the problem test.
The process would be the tech team would see if it was an input or modelling issue.
If not they would assign it to the development team to look at.
No guarantees on what priority it would have as morph is complex and only used by the elite few!
If you want to send it to me by private message (within the forum) with a description of the problem as you see it, I can send it through.
I’d be keen to see you history and even a model of the circles so learn more about the options that worked. Up to you how much you share, but the purpose of the Forum is to share knowledge aquired.
You contribution so far is much appreciated.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,

The test model is attached.

The render posted wasn’t he final model though. I decided to see how much geometry ZW3d and the “Wrap pattern to faces” can handle. It is utterly bonkers how fast ZW3D is with that much geometry.

Filleted Final Model.PNG

I then exported only on slice as a .stl, imported it in Blender and created the background/floor in Blender (cloth simulation). The final render was then done in Indigo Renderer:

CrazyVasy 2 !

Vase with Pattern.Z3 (990.1 KB)

Hi Peter,
that’s a great outcome and ZW should be pleased you are impressed with the speed. Always good to get that feedback.

I have not used the plane to plane morph so I learned something.
I use the curve to curve morph a reasonable amount for fitting logo geometry into awkward places or bending around a arc of a face.
In trick is to set he influence value at say 2000 so that everything is fully influenced.

So thank you for your effort.
Cheers - Paul