Tool Path No Color

I only have one Color for any tool path.
eg. a VoluMill > Parameters > Display Standard gives all motions Green
User Color makes then all black
Can’t get Rapid = Red Cut = Green as user color says its should be after a Calculate

I have OpenGL 3.3
Any Idea ??

Hi Morten,
try a refresh of your User folder. V2020 on wards has this utility.
You can back the current one up first. Or if on an earlier version locate the User fold and rename (Use Help/About to find user folder location.) Z3 will make a new default folder when it cannot find the last one.


Thank’s Cowboy
I’am on R19. After a user folder rename the folder was created as new.
But the colors still monochrome.
Screen colors 32 bit
Hardware supported graphics.
OpenGl 3.3
ZW3D installed on a vmware workstation 12


Maybe it would help to use Software OpenGL
The manual says i can shift to software in Config Display
But i don’t see it ???