Tool changer issue

I am having trouble with the zw3d cam tool changer.

  1. When I create an ATC tool changer in machine setup I can define tools in the tool changer. After I save settings and reopen the tool changer in the machine setup I can see an empty table but I can not see tools in the changer.
  2. When I output NC, tool numbers in the program are basically randomly selected. So I have to correct all programs manually.
    Does anybody have an idea what is the cause and is there any solution?

Hello Veelaid.
I am not very familiar with the ZW3D tool changer option.
We always have uses Tool_Id instead of Tool station Id.
When adding a tool Id number to your tool in the operation or while loading or creating a tool, the default settings in ZW3D will output the ID number as defined in the operations
Station ID also does not work on my side and I think it has become inactive in the latest versions.
Perhaps ZW3D support also has something to say about this.


Thank you!
I will ask from zw3d support.
Station ID does not work in my case. I think the problem is with the post processor. I some reason I can not edit the post-processor.

Hi Veelaid.

The post editor has an issue with the chrome browser, in case you are using that.
If you install firefox or internet explorer and make it your default browser, it may work
Good luck!


That is good news!
I am using chrome.
I will try to configure my post with firefox.
Thank you!