TIP - Section On/Off - speedy access

Hi All,
because you can easily customize your screen layout, you can make life easier for your self.

I sue Section view lot but I want to turn it on/off with one click. You might say I;m a one click guy. If it can be done in one, that what I want to be able to do.

So Add the Section On/Off to you DAT(Document Aware Tool Bar)


Use the Transfer Tab Option in the Customize dialogue - set Filters to All and Type Section in the search.
Then choose Doc Aware Bar as the destination option and then drag the command to the place you want it to live. A few experiments and you are done.

NOW when you are all happy, save your customization by Adding a new Role in Role Manager.
To do that RMB on the ‘User’ heading in the manager and select Create.
When that is Done, RMB on the Role you just created and export it to your ZW3D customization folder(Make your own)

To make editing Sections easier and quicker - One Click - Add/Dock the Inquire Tool Bar to the bottom of your modelling screen.
Now you have access to the Inquire Tools in one click any time.

Export your Role again to save this customization too!