TIP (2020) Speed up history edits

Who doesn’t want fast regens? There are some things you can do to improve speed and safety.

Here is an excerpt from Whats New ZW3D 2020.
3.3.1 ★Modeling History New “Quick Rollback” to Accelerate Redefinition
“Quick Rollback” is a new functionality added to speed up the history rollback during redefinition or
rollback. After enabling “Configuration > Part > General > Backup data for history quick rollback” option,
there is a cache file to save major outcome data of each modeling feature. When a feature redefinition
or rollback takes place, corresponding feature data will be fetched to restore the modeling field as it was
created avoiding the regeneration of modeling features before the redefining feature, so that no more
waiting time is needed.

  1. Quick rollback relies on cache data, so only new modeling history or regenerated history after
    this function is enabled can have such acceleration.
  2. Features related to component can’t support quick rollback, so their redefinition will work as
    Component features like Insert, movement, constrain of the old assembly file, or assembly hole,
    assembly cut, etc.
    When component features are included in the feature rollback list, since there are no rollback data
    for those features, a full regeneration will take place as previous version to restore the modeling
  3. Rollback data file is saved on the specified folder, independent with the model Z3 file.
    Since the rollback data is not saved into the Z3 file, if the model Z3 file is moved to different PC,
    rollback data needs to generate again through a regeneration.
    Users can specify which folder the rollback data should be into through “Configuration > File >
    Quick rollback cache file”. And this file has a max size limit which users can set up your own size
    through “Configuration > Part > General > Backup data for history quick rollback > Max folder size”.
    When the folder size is exceeded, the oldest cache file will be deleted to free some space for the
    new cache file.
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