Texture and face colour control?

Hi All,
Anyone think they know how to control texture on models?
I thought I did but on my current project the dont seem able to get rid of a shape colour.
Here is how I think things are supposed to work.
If you colour a shape, the shape is that colour all the way through.
If you colour faces only, then the next boolean will show the colours used in that operation.

The problem I have is that the Erase Textures/Shape or Faces does not eliminate texture settings through out the model. So that a shape colour persists regardless anything I do short of changing face colours by selection. Which is not what I want to do.
Any tips appreciated…
Cheers - Paul

Hi Cowboy99:

Do you want to bring your own?
C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2022\shaders

Hi Liangfen,
the issue is not the shaders.
It is how the history handles them. It seems each feature has it’s own record of the last used texture and there is no way of cleaning this information from the history.
Cheer - Paul

HI Cowboy99:

You can try to modify his color to remove the default material.

I have had the same kind of issue, after punch through hole or folding/unfolding of steel plates.
When I want to change the color, the initial one remain on some faces, or futur generated faces (through adding history operations that affect geometry) will use the initial color (or after a regen).
I have never looked too far into it, so my wording might not be accurate, but the phenomenon is definitely known to me and its behavior is odd.

And yeah, I have never found a way around it other than creating a new part and remaking the whole history tree into it, to replace the first part.


HI Cowboy99:

Yes, you are right, this question I gave their headquarters also feedback, I sent above the removal material method, but also I have verified that it is effective, there is no better way.

Hi Nicolas,
up until this job (in V2021 but with 2017 original part) I have managed to fix most colour management issues. by using theTexture Erase - twice - one for shape and the other for Faces/Pick All.
Then applying the new texture to Faces/Pick All
So now I do not know if it is just this model or V2021 that is the problem.
IMO Color management in Z3 needs to be sorted once and for all. It have never been stable.

FYI I apply a cast texture to the casting faces then change colour for subsequent machining to show all the machined locations.

The alternative is to pick the machined faces and change the colour attribute. BUT if the model has legacy texture issues - a regen will usually mess it up.
Same problem if merging a part, the texture is often messed up. Not complete but some faces will return to old colours.
So I do the texture management clean up immediately after the merge and usually it is OK.

Cheer - Paul

HI Cowboy99:

The texture in the red wire frame and the texture in the purple wire frame are different. Of course, their cleaning methods are also different. You can see my delete comparison effect below.
Maybe you can use another idea?

Hi Liangfen,
off course all these things work easy on simple objects.
The issues ALWAYS occur of complex models with long histories and often merged bodies etc.
BTW for non Chinese users - most of us, using the Chinese Language version makes it very hard to follow.
Off course I don’t know how easy it is to switch language in Z3.
Otherwise thank you for your comments.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:


Okay, no problem, next time I switch to the English version of the demo.

I am just encountering the issue again.

I have a project along those lines:

___SUB-ASSEMBLY A (Qty : 2)
______PART A1
______PART A2
______PART A3
______PART A…
___SUB-ASSEMBLY B (Qty : 3)
______PART B1
______PART B2
______PART B…

In my drawings, I wish to have :

  • a first level of drawings about the FINAL ASSEMBLY, with ISO VIEWS, BOM table and ID’s bubbles for subassemblies,
    -a second level of drawings for each SUB-ASSEMBLY, also with its ISO VIEWS, BOM table and ID’s bubbles for parts

For each level, I wish to colour the sub-elements familly differently, to help identify what the bubbles are pointing at.

The problem is :
in my FINAL ASSEMBLY, I color each type of SUB-ASSEMBLY differently
in my SUB-ASSEMBLIES, I color each type of parts differently
in my FINAL ASSEMBLY (and its drawing ISO VIEW), the individual parts colors take over the more global SUB-ASSEMBLIES’ colors.
I can’t “erase texture” or “modify texture” their texture since it ask for “face selection”.
I can’t “face attributs” them by selecting a sub assembly first, then clicking “face attributs”, because it correctly detect my sub-assembly color, despite still showing the individual parts color after validation.
01 02

Adding another config to my SUB-ASSEMBLIES, to have one for assembly purpose, and one for drawing purpose, each with their own coloring, seems to do the trick though.

PS: I am still using v2019, but I should switch to v2021 soon.


Simple task in a model -

Erase face attributes - Pick All Faces
Erase face attributes - Pick Shape
Apply new Face Attributes - Pick All Faces
Apply a Hole Feature with different Colour Attribute
Result - Feature is also same colour as original body - FAIL.

Do all the above - get it looking good,
Insert into new part and Merge.
Colour attributes lost. - FAIL.

Not happy!