Spiral pattern problem

Can anybory tell what is “spacing” when usin Pattern geometry->At curves->2 curves across. I reached to close when just test and try but it has to be exact.
Picture is attached.spiral_pattern
Thank you!
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Welcome Vahur,
Spacing is the pitch in the First use.
But under the Derive Functionimage
Spacing means that between a beginning and an end, ZW will automatically calculate the step size.
When in a dimension field, RMB and you can see the input options.
Measure/Distance is one of them. With this you can measure a distance, curve length etc, then use that value in an equation which will then drive the result.

An alternative is the specify the spacing and Derive the Number required.

You can also use the Inquire tools to find a value associated with an object. Then Copy and Paste this into a dimension field.on the fly. Just select the displayed value/result and Ctrl-C. Then paste where you want it.
Note: This will need to repeated if you change the object - it is not a link.
To do that, make an equation variable to drive and object then reuse the variable anywhere you need to.

Cheers - Paul

Thank you very much! I have lot of options to test now. Thanks!!!