Speed and feed are not saved

have the following problem.
For me it does not save the speed and feed values.
When I restart ZW3D the values are all gone.
How can I save the values?
Thank you


HI ZW3D.Experte:
C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2023\languages\en_US\resource

“C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2023\languages\en_US\resource\002 INCH TOOLS.xlsx”

“C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2023\languages\en_US\resource\001 METRIC TOOLS.xlsx”

Hi all,
A short remark from my side here.
The Program files folder on c drive is most likely write protect for this activities.
In a standard windows admin account, it still does not allow me to save anything in templates libraries or even a post processor.
Personally, I do not understand why ZWsoft uses that location for customizable libraries.
The user folder is a much more logical place for this,
As long as I use VX and later ZW3D, I make copies of my templates, cam_config, output_def and a few others that I use for customized purposes.
Since the settings manager form is a bit sensitive for long path names, I skip the Languages/En_US part.
In my user folder it looks like this:
Output_def requires another path location as the original one for some reason:

The others are located in the custom folder:

The Resource for the templates and bundle files and the Sup for BOM templates, drawing styles, macros, etc.
For all other libraries like post_config mold libraries, etc. I manually change the windows permissions on those folders to full access without restrictions.
Nice, if you have admin rights, but frustrating for those with regular user permissions.
But the request for a more accessible location is out for a few years already, but so far it has not changed.


Additional, a question.
The 2023 excel tool libraries take ages to load in ZW3D on my system.
Anyone else with the same experience?

HI luurt4c:
You’re right.

If you right-click the administrator to run, he cannot support file dragging and openin!

Hi All,
all customizable files should exist is a readily accessible DATA location.
This issue needs to be settle once and for all instead of being a pigs breakfast.
I have raised the subject so many times but remain ignored.
Cheers - Paul

Yes, it sometimes takes a little longer for me too.
I thought it was my network drive causing it.

I have set the ZWSOFT program folder to full access.
And I started ZW3D 2023 as an administrator, but it still does not transfer the saved data to the new ZW3D session.

What else can I do there?

Hi Liangfen,
What might help here is to add the user that has logged in to the list:
The maked user is the name that logs into windows.
Although administrators and users have full access, the current user seems not to have it.
Adding it to the list and grant full access may help.
But if all fails, I recommend to make a copy of the files that can’t be accessed from the user folder, to a location that has no restrictions and modify there.
In most cases, the system allows to copy the modified file back into the original place inside windows explorer.

Best regards,

HI luurt4c:
Thank you for your advice!

Under normal circumstances, administrator privileges, he supports the modification of files under the ZW3D root directory, the disadvantage is what I said.

The permission issue is a Windows problem.
Repeat the permissions until it sticks.
Cheers - Paul

I probably expressed myself wrong.
The changed values are changed in ZW3D and also saved successfully. (also sees in the output field) And I also see the changed values in the xlsx file.
But when I restart ZW3D the values are gone.
So somehow this is a ZW3D problem!

Refresh User Folder. Save your old one in case it makes no difference.
Might be a bug. A really big one? In which case I would expect a lot more noise about it.
Cheers - Paul

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Hi Paul,
I have found the “Bug” .
The delay in opening the tool library is caused by an option in config.
The option was put in there to make export of BOM to excel possible for those who have no Microsoft Office installed.
I unchecked it, because I have Microsoft excel on my system, but it now also affects the excel files of the tools.
Now I have turned it back on :slight_smile:

Best regards,

HI luurt4c:
This is a new feature supported by 2020!


Hi Liangfen,
I got the same explanation from support a few days ago.
Also the question: why would you turn it of?
My reply: Because it gives me the impression that it can be switched off when I have excel installed.
Until version 2023, there were no libraries that are directly use excel databases like the mew tool library, so, I did not see any difference when switching it on or off, until now.
The only issue with export of tables to excel is the extension.
The file becomes an .xls extension and that gives an error in excel when opening it.
Apparently the file is written in the newer xlsx format and receives the wrong extension.
When renaming it to xlsx, the error is gone.
That needs to be fixed, I think.

Best regards,

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HI luurt4c:

This is really good news!

They are either writing bugs or on the way to fix the last bug!