Sort file menu differently by name or date. (As in ZW3D 2022)

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a question.
The file menu can be sorted by Name Type Date and Size. But if I e.g. sort by date this refers to all folders.

I would like to have it like in the ZW3D 2022 or like in Windows 10 Explorer.
I want to set the folders differently.
How can I adjust that?


Hi Experts,
use File explorer is the simple answer.
Dont forget ZW3D has is own filter system to aid you in searching files.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
The new manager has not been completely changed, and many places have not changed!
I used this qttabbar,
Previously, you can jump directly into the currently open directory, but now it doesn’t support…

Hi Cowboy99 and zw3d_liangfen,

in the ZW3D 2022 version the file menu / file explorer was like in Windows.
In ZW3D 2023 this has changed.

This is ZW3D 2022

Leaving the 2022 file manager in 2023 gives also problems with other programs too.
I’m using M-files as PDM systems. Work perfectly in all versions up to 2022, but 2023 is giving difficulties.
This issue is also addressed to support. I hope that it will be solved soon.
I think that leaving the native windows libraries can cause issues with other programs which use the same shared libraries.

Yes I think the same.
Please ZW3D developer we need a solution.
Please fix to the next SP.

HI ZW3D.Experte:
I guess they won’t roll back.

HI BliTec:
At present, there is a problem. They broke away from the default win form and made a form by themselves.

Hi Guys, you are al correct, the private code(ZW3D Explorer) is missing a bit is usefull functionality.
Another item is no access to Quick Access which IMO is an essential requirement.
Cheers - Paul

Hi zw3d_liangfen,
I don’t want it to be the old design again, but with the same functions as in the 2020 version.

Hi all,
I think it is a pity that these changes are not implemented in a well considered way, with respect to the possible loss of existing functionality.
It generates more negative user experience than the gain that they seem to expect from it.
It is OK to develop new things, but you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of users out there that rely on functionality that was always there.
It is of great importance that they can trust the software and not be surprised by experiments like this.



HI luurt4c:
Maybe the product manager has not consulted the actual user, and the development or modification is caused!

If someone could talk to the product manager and report the bug that would be great. :+1:

My input in this discussion is not so much what the issues are, but more in line with how many and when service packs are released. There really does not appear to be an urgency from the developers to fix problems.

Sure we get a service pack, say in 3 months. But then we find it has broken something else in the program or systems. A staged release of the fixes like windows would be more helpful.

After all Bill Gates and Co. are the masters of getting bug fixes found by simply releasing updates and waiting for the feedback from the masses.

Just my penny worth of thoughts.