Slow import outside office location

When I import assembly files from Step or Parasolid at my home office it takes a few minutes. If I do this outside of my office the import works really slowly and take much longer. I have the idea this has to do with the internet connection (wifi) but since I work on a stand-alone laptop this makes no sense. I try disconnecting from the wifi and it feels I am faster. But I am not 100% sure about it. Anyone knows about this as it is quite disturbing to wait at a customers location

Hello Twan,

This looks a bit strange, since internet or network should not play any role in the import process.
Perhaps the issue can be caused by the power supply, if it is connected or not.
On battery, most laptops use a power save mode which reduces the performance.
I can imagine that the computer is not always connected to a power supply when you are at a customer site.
Sometimes you can set the power management for battery to high performance to reduce this effect.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Luurt,

Didn’t know you were still available, thanks for the reply.
I didn’t exepect to have a power supply problem but it seems this was the problem. I am not 100% sure but now I treid with another adapter it looks like the problem is solved. In the next week I try a little bit more

Greetins Twan

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Hi luurt4c,

I am not sure about internet not playing any role at all.
Since v2023, I noticed huge delays/freeze on first startup, and then later, on first saving (even saving locally, like on Windows desktop space, so in C: ).
If I check the Task Manager, the Ethernet graph fills up during those “waiting time”.

My licence is on a USB key, so I don’t really understand what ZW3D need to go fetch on the network during those process.
Also, I don’t know if those Ethernet traffics were already happening in v2022 and before, since they didn’t froze, leading me to check Task Manager.


Hello Nicolas,
First of all, I must say that I have not noticed any significant difference in startup time or saving times, compared with earlier versions.
It is not always the same speed of launching, but normally the program fires up within seconds.
The times that a save takes more time than average is with medium to large polygon meshes of 100 to 200 megabytes.
Compressing those takes more time than regular 3D shapes.
Also I did a small test with my Ethernet activity during startup of ZW3D and that shows 2 short peaks over 5 seconds an then it drops back to the normal activity level.

I was wondering if it makes a difference if you move the ZW3D user folder from your user/Appdata/roaming folder to another location, like desktop and relaunch ZW3D
(If it asks for a license, you can copy the license.xml file from the old user to the newly created one)
Hope that helps
In case that you have templates or other stuff stored in the user, you can copy that back to get your system settings back.
However, anything stored in the profile folders may be lost (tool bars, special ribbon settings, etc.)
Restoring all profile directories to the new user may re-introduce the old problems again.

Best regards,

Nicolas, Luurt,

I did some more tests but since I have changed my charger the program works like normal. Since I am importing different sizes of assemblies it is difficult to set a value but I would say it is as fast as at my office location.

Greeting Twan

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