Slow creation of drawings

Good morning,
I have problems in the slowness of the creation of 2D drawings.
Whenever I have to create a new view or simply move it, I also wait 15/20 seconds before I can see the results. If you have to make an assembly drawing, even if it is small (150/200 pieces), it takes a day!
I create the models as One single object and in the 3D part I have no problem.
Thanks to anyone who will help me

Hi Lenny,
Always state the version you are using please.
Is that normal on all parts?
Or just one model?
If so then I think there is something fundamentally wrong with your model.
Cannot help much more with out seeing what you are trying to do.
Cheers - Paul

Hi lenny,

What system are you running? You might be under spec’d.

Drawings in ZW3D indeed do usually run much worse than the 3D views. But [15;20] seconds seems a lot.
I have a 121 parts assembly wich take 3-4 seconds to pop a view, I run i7 8700k and Quadro P4000.
But what is a real pain is when you try to insert a BOM table for that view. Sometimes it feels like its more difficult for the software to handle a few lines and text of a table rather than thousands of edges and vertices…
The table insertion is a total stutter, and then the table can be moved “somewhat” smoothly For feedbacks:.

121 parts (360 Mo file which include all the parts, their assemblies and drawings)

Assembly IDLE
[CPU] 2% [GPU] 1%

[CPU] 10% [GPU] 5% (smooth)

Drawing empty IDLE
[CPU] 2% [GPU] 0%

[CPU] 12% [GPU] 16% (smooth)

[CPU] spikes at 100%% [GPU] 18% (okay)

Drawing INSERTING BOM (positionning)
[CPU] 15% [GPU] 0% ( noticeable visual stuttering)

[CPU] 10% [GPU] 40% (smooth)


Good morning,

i am using the following configuration:
ZW3D 2021 X64 (25.05)
OS version: Microsoft windows 10 64 bit (build 19043)
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5670 (15.301.1901.0)
OpenGL Version: 4.2.13417 Compatibility Profile Context 15.301.1901.0
CPU. Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz
Mainboard: AsusTeK P7P55D
Memory: 12GB DDR3

I hope this information can help you in analyzing my problem.

Thanks so much

Hi Lenny,
Can you please advise what you mean by

I create the models as One single object and in the 3D part I have no problem.
It sounds like a an unusual description of an assembly.
Lets see your Part History and Assembly History pics.
Cheers - Paul


in the configuration panel, in the general section I put the check in the option:

One object per file (new files)

I don’t know if this is causing problems but I have been working with CATIA V5 since 2002 and there each file was single and I don’t like working with a hybrid system.

I don’t know if that’s the problem

For the assembly views, maybe the view creation is calling the content of each files appearing in the view, and you are then limited by your various READ speeds (CPU, RAM, HDD).

But for single part views, I would guess the part geometry is already in memory, and you shouldn’t need so many seconds to call the content from there, just for 1 geometry. Even for your “not fresh” system, its seems too much.

Thank you,

in fact for the single parts no problem.

I was hoping there was some trick to speed up the process but I think the only solution is to update the pc.

If anyone comes up with any software solution let me know.

Thanks again

Hi Lenny,
Single Object mode is the best approach.
I think it may be that only a ZW developer could shed more light on the challenges in drawing.
Cheers - Paul

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