Sketch constrain

Fully constrained sketch shows massage some constrain geometries are not well defined
showing sketch unconstrained in history manager
IF open and regenerate fully constrained sketch from older version(2019) it becomes unconstrained
please find attach filesketch

When I get issues like this, there’s two things I always check:

  • If you right-click on the sketch and choose Relocate does it show the Plane as missing? (this doesn’t happen super often, but it’s worth keeping an eye on)
  • If you edit the sketch, under the Reference section of the menu, one of the alternative tools under the dropdown button, you’ll see Ext Reference Manager Take a look in there for any reference geometry that’s missing.

You can get a similar result if you use the history playback feature. Rewind to the beginning and then step through on-by-one. If ZW3D encounters missing geometry of any kind, it’ll ask you if you want to unlink. If you say yes, it’ll turn what was previously referenced geometry into an unconstrained construction line (in the case of sketches.) Personally I prefer using the Ext Reference Manager, but that’s just a workflow thing.

No idea if this is what you’re encountering, but I certainly hope this helps!

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Thanks for replay
sketch is not relocated and no external reference used
started new sketch on XY plane
but I found solution
when dimensioning from line to line or line to point sketch shows unconstrained, if dimensioning from point to point it is fully constrained
this happens in 2022 only, so fully constrained sketch from 2019 with line to line or point dimension become unconstrained
is there any configuration setting for this?

Ha, I don’t think your screenshot had loaded when I responded to this. I would have seen clearly my suggestions didn’t apply.

Thanks for responding with your solution. Good to know about this quirk!