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We just bought 2021 in february…

Do you know if software retaillers have acces to this version, or when they will? (GPsoftware here in France).
Also, do you you have a link for that “2022 WHAT’S NEW” you are teasing ? ^^

HI Nicolas_TR:

Now China has released zw3d2022, we have started to use it!

Hi Liangfen,

Yes, I had noticed about the promotion, that why I asked about hints of a release date for the rest of the world.
I will see if we can manage something with our software provider ^^. It doesn’t hurt to try.


Hi All,
official release of V2022 is due March - well at least that is the promotion.
Here is the link for the info…

My understanding is that in China ZW have secured some very large clients who are pushing development really hard.
Just why V2022 is being pushed at the beginning of 2021 is a bit of a mystery but who am I to question.
Here, most of us have only just started working with 2021 so it is a bit of s surpise to see a few months later the next version - that’s for sure.
Cheers - Paul

UPDATE: Release date is not March - most likely April - The What’s New is extensive but at this point is not in the public domain. As soon as that is possible I will publish here.
Cheers - Paul

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