Share ZW3D linux Preview 2022(Debian)

Hi all:

Sorry the file is too large for me to upload.

This version has been on the shelves in China, but it is a preview version, interested friends pay attention to it.

The global CAD ecosystem is almost entirely within Windows so it is unlikely many people would have much interest in Linux for CADCAM.
BUT if a nation was seeking to be independent of Windows this might make a lot of sense.
It would take that level of commitment to make it work as a viable direction.
Cheers - Paul

I disagree - although the majority of CAD/CAM is Windows based there is strong interest in Linux friendly CAD/CAM, just as there is considerable movement towards Linux for other software, especially with the advent of Windows 11.

I agree that there is a need for linux based cad/cam software .
Cheers john

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I would also like to work with Linux because my FEM and CFD software are also running on Linux.

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