Share ZW3D linux Preview 2022(Debian)

Hi all:

Sorry the file is too large for me to upload.

This version has been on the shelves in China, but it is a preview version, interested friends pay attention to it.

The global CAD ecosystem is almost entirely within Windows so it is unlikely many people would have much interest in Linux for CADCAM.
BUT if a nation was seeking to be independent of Windows this might make a lot of sense.
It would take that level of commitment to make it work as a viable direction.
Cheers - Paul

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I disagree - although the majority of CAD/CAM is Windows based there is strong interest in Linux friendly CAD/CAM, just as there is considerable movement towards Linux for other software, especially with the advent of Windows 11.

I agree that there is a need for linux based cad/cam software .
Cheers john

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I would also like to work with Linux because my FEM and CFD software are also running on Linux.

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Yes they both work with Linux without any issue. Make sure that you have updated Linux.

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Hi, i cannot download the package, any other working link?


Hi zw3d_liangfen ,

The New download link doesn’t work. I got 403 error


HI BliTec:

Thanks zw3d_liangfen. I have downloaded and will test it soon

The link is dead. It must timeout very quickly.


It wasn’t a timeout or some such. I am unable to access the .cn website because I work behind a VPN. Dropping the VPN for the download AND install has allowed me to complete the process so far.

I am at the stage where the Gdebi installer says it is installed. I am on a new Ubuntu MATE 22.04 which is up to date as of this posting.


I can say it downloaded and installed and it is working !!

I have been asking to see ZW3D on Linux for at least 5 years so I am excited.

My skills are pretty non-existent but I have loaded a file that my son created and everything looks good so far. Icons, text, shading etc. looks normal.

Remarks on Linux version.
License cannot be activated with a dongle :frowning:
Current working with 2023SP on Windows, linux is 2022, so I can’t open my models to do some modifications for FAE on my linux machines. :frowning:
Very disappointing.
Linux versions need to be synchrony with Windows versions.

HI BliTec:
I don’t see a linux update right now, but if I get it from them officially, I’ll send it online to you!

This web version of 3D you can look at, is also in the hope company. He can cross the platform!

HI swmcl-zw3d:
This is really good news, the linux still needs a long way to go!

I’m looking forward to moving across to the Linux version of ZW3D and also ZWCAD I hope. ASAP!. It will probably be 2024 at the earliest before ZW3D is properly running on Linux by the looks of it.

Hi guys, i’m trying ZW3D linux under ubuntu mate 22.04, when i input dimmensions with decimal in a sketch, the dimmension is automatically floor on design 2D/3D(15.8mm => 15mm), but when i edit the dimmension it appear to be still decimal in input field, do someone know whats going on?

Change you part dimension attribute setting to 2 decimal places.