Share Zw3d API Development example

Here are zw3d secondary development sample files, which can be compiled and run with vs2017. I have tried them. These examples are based on zw3d2020 API
Hope to help you!
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这里ZW3D 二次开发范例文件,可以用VS2017编译并运行,我已经尝试过了,这些范例是基于ZW3D2020的API.

ZW3D2020 API Samples based on VS2017

How to Use it:

  1. Install ZW3D 2020(
  2. Use Visual Studio 2017 open the *.sln file
  3. Compile the project.
  4. Open ZW3D,Click the Application->Applications and Plugin Manager,switch to Plugin Applications
  5. Click Load Dll Button and choose the *.dll you compiled in step 3
  6. run the command you defined.