Share ZW3D 2022 Professional for linux (Debian)

Hi all:

They are updated now!!!

Tried linux version on Xubuntu 20.04 and it crashed directly when started a new part.:frowning:

HI BliTec:

deepin(Debian)&UOS I installed the normal test.

Maybe you’re waiting for the installation package of other systems!

I found some errors in the log about qt and openGL. Have no time to do more investigation. yet. Ubuntu is one of most supported and used distributions for platforms as for instance CAElinux. Ubuntu is based on debian.


HI BliTec:
I’ll tell them what you said…

thank you!

This is tremedously good news. I am very, very happy for ZW3D to be available on Linux (Debian versions).

I asked for this some 4 years ago and came onto this new forum to see if there had been any change.

I wonder if it is a good thing to upgrade from 2018 now or wait ?

I all.

I’m really amazed that ZW3D, is going to to linux! And for me it’s really good news! I’m a fun of linux, and unfortunately, in cad world it’s not very normal to have it.
But I’ve a few questions

  • Stability, since the first steps of this are being made, till when until we have the same stability as windows

  • Interaction with excel, will it work with libre office, open office, and others

  • Performance wise, expected the same?

  • Graphics card drivers, will work correctly

  • File managment, will work in same way as windows?

  • Which linux distro will have support?

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It is very broken on my Ubuntu Mate 20.04 but maybe one day …

Yes, this is still in the process of improvement.