Share xNURBS for ZW3D2023X

HI all:

XNurbs uses one simple UI to solve all kinds of issues for NURBS creations – It virtually has an unlimited capacity for solving NURBS and generating high-quality surfaces based on energy-minimization method. Its energy-minimization algorithm produces high-quality surfaces that are analogous to a physical model: when a wooden batten bends, it always assumes a shape that minimizes its bending energy to form a smooth curve.




This is wonderful tool to create high quality surface easily!

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This looks interesting but I would like to read about it in English. The ZW Web article I can only find in Chinese. Is there a translation please?

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Hi Liangfen,
fascinating stuff.

Can you please background how this came to be a plugin for ZW?
Who did that work?
And anything thing else you know about it that you can share?
Cheers - Paul

I found the answers at but I have mailed them to ask about the zw3d version of the plugin, because on the English site it’s only available for Fusion and Rhino. I’ll update you if they reply.

HI Cowboy99:

At present, it seems that only Chinese websites can download, the official plugin was mentioned as early as July, at that time, I did not expect that it is a third party, the plug-in English website can not be downloaded!
He is a multi-platform plug-in, SW and many other support!

HI Designs:
The plug-in is installed in English, and the site I provide has a ZW3D2023X download link!

OK. This was not obvious to me at first so I’ll explain the key facts I have discovered, for the benefit of English speaking users.

XNurbs is available as a plugin for ZW3D, which is on a 30 day free trial. After 30 days, a license fee is required to continue using it. The fee is discounted via the link, and it is approximately £115 GBP/$125.

It only runs with ZW3D 2023X, a service pack. This must be installed before xNurbs.

The plugin produces surface patches that are similar to FEM patches, but so far in my short trial, I have found them easier to get right, easier to edit and more data-efficient than FEM or N patches.

There are some useful tutorial videos at

If you use ZW3D for industrial design or other applications needing complex and accurate surfaces, this is definitely worth considering.

XNurbs for ZW3D

ZW3D 2023X

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@zw3d_liangfen please confirm if xnurbs works with 2023SP? Also, how do I buy the license at the introductory price shown on the original website link? I cannot find XNUBRS plugin on the ZWCAD website store. Please help.

HI Designs:
They do cooperate. I guess some technologies of 2023X are more suitable for this plug-in, so they support it.

Actually I tried on both the CN and EN websites for xNurbs, and there is no purchase link. I contacted xNurbs directly and they responded: the xNurbs plugin for ZW3D is not for sale just now, because of a bug between the xNurbs and ZW3D programs. Programmers are working on a solution which should be available this month (November 2022). I am watching the situation, keen to start using xNurbs again (trial expired).

Hi again. I am very keen on xNurbs for ZW3D. I have been discussing the delay directly with xNurbs support, who say the delay is because of a compatibility problem “bug” in ZW3D. They tell me that your team is making a change to ZW3D, but there is a delay that is beyond the control of the xNurbs team.

Please can you tell me when the xNurbs compatible version of ZW3D will be ready for beta testing or general release?

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HI Designs:
I am not an official of Zhongwang Software. I guess maybe it will be more reliable in 2024.

I have an update about xNurbs for ZW3D.

The previous version (last November) had a bug in the ZW3D integration, so it was held back for some time while the ZW team worked on a fix. It’s now out there. I have a trial copy that works with ZW3D 2023SP, and it has already changed the way I do complex surfaces and reverse engineering. I don’t think I’ll use a FEM patch again.

The maker’s video is at xNURBS Analysis and Comparison - YouTube, which follows my “first look” video at, in which I emulate the xNurbs tutorial pieces and then build a real model.

I’m looking out for a link to share. One thing to note: my trial copy works with 2023SP, but I tried it on 2024 and it was unreliable. I guess they may be waiting for it to work with 2024 before publishing it again.

I really liked your video. Totally recommend it as an introduction to the Subject.
Cheer - Paul

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by 2023-03-31

I guess this should be installed can be installed on ZW3D2024.

ZW3D2023x ≈ ZW3D2024

It may need to be manually forced to install,
Good luck!

Unfortunately, I have manually installed this version of the plugin on ZW3D2024. Yes, it is invalid, and may need to be officially recompiled for the new API.