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Hi All,
Can someone please explain how to set the Section Origin to the work origin.
Intuition thinks ‘Reset position’ will put the section triad on the wokspace origin.
Reset Section1
If I ‘Reset position’ the offset returns to zero but it does not stick, if I activate another plane using the icons under ‘Section Plane’ it jumps to what appears an arbitrary value (-101) this was a different value and I don’t know how it changed.

Hi WJones,
On my computer(v2022sp), if I startup ZW3D, open a new part, go into “Section”, the section origin is already set by default on the first plane icon (most left icon), not the work origin, so “Reset position” cannot bring it back to work origin.

Each of those plane icons are offset from the work origin, it seems to be the default behavior. As to why? maybe not to mix them up (as the section origin isn’t meant to be the work origin, its vectors can totaly be free (and should be) to be in different directions even if the planes actually overlap).

I don’t understand what you mean by “it does not stick”.
As long as you validate your settings with the green arrow, you can turn the section display on and off, and it will remain at its place, as long as you *don’t manually move it.
If you tie your section to a manually created datum linked to a geometry, and then change the geometry, you will have to enter back into the section settings, and click “Reset position” in order for the section to align itself back with the special datum new position.


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