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Sorry, the official staff informed me that this version will not be released overseas!

name: ZW3D2022X_Native_x64.exe
size: 2109279528 字节 (2011 MiB)
SHA256: 12DCBD19C909A60B9721287E9B1DA8C48AC1B08BBCF03B4714210F5C99CFD34C

Hi Liangfen,

Thanks for sharing this.
What kind of license is required for it?


HI Nicolas_TR:

The current serial number of 2022 can activate 2022X!You can give it a try and good luck!
目前2022的序列号,可以激活2022X的!你可以试试看 ,祝你好运!

Ciao Liangfen ,
ho una licenza 2022 Standard , che tipo di innovazioni sono state implementate sulla
2022 x ?? Come mai non è ancora presente sul sito ufficiale ZWSOFT nella sezione
download ??
Ciao ciao

HI Rotolo74:

It should be activated directly with your KEY, you can try it.

Si Grazie se riesco oggi provo …
ma devo disinstallare la mia 2022 , oppure funziona ugualmente ??

HI Rotolo74:

If you don’t want to uninstall it, you can replace the old 2022,C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2022Change the folder name to another name, and then install 2022X.

C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2022

Here I would like to add more info:

ZW3D 2022X is only released in Mainland of China, and it cannot be activated by 2022 license code, so if you have some interesting in this version, just install and check the features, but you cannot use that currently. Besides, all the enhancements and new features will be included in our next version 2023, just stay tuned.

ZWSOFT Technical Team

Hi Ivy, thanks for the official info.
For the rest of us who are not in China - please explain why 2022X exists and why only in China and why it is not being released and an SP2 or equivalent.
3 answers please.
Cheers - Paul

Dear All,
I have installed the version on top of my existing installation.
Seems to accept the current license.
But I understand, that it is not a good idea to work with it.

However, I am curious about the step export in this new version.
Until now we hat issues with the 24/7 tailor steel portal that did not accept ZW3D step exports
Cylindrical pipes are now OK in the official 2022 version, but sheet metal products are still a problem.
Has anyone else experience with this?


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Cheers- Paul

HI luurt4c:

It can be activated, which is really good news!

Do you find the problem can be accompanied by a picture description?