Re attach Missing Link

Hi All,
Can someone please help with re attaching links, the ZW3D help file is unclear.
Link Manager 1
The QFP_7 Sketch.Z3PRT file has a single sketch feature used as a reference in multiple parts.
The Link Regen Tab of Link Manager has all columns empty, I have tried adding files here to no avail.

Hi Wayne, was the reference made within an Assembly context?
What version are you on?
Cheers - Paul

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HI Paul
I’m in one object per file… Create New File (Part001.Z3PRT)
Data Exchange > External Sketch, select Sketch File, Plane & Direction …

The assembly method at least has the ability to Change Component

What is the correct method to use, manage, repair external references?

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Hi Wayne, A bit hard to test and experiment when I do not know how to break the link.
Have you done anything external to ZW with the file locations?
What error log messages are you getting in the file?
Can you repeat the sketch Import in front of the existing broken one in the history?
Give me a call.
Cheers - Paul