I am new at ZW3D. I am adding a picture and I hope someone can help me with a doubt I have.

I want make a curve using point curves (Point A in image) and add a radial dimension to the curve (Point B/C of the image)

How can I do that? Its not letting me add that radius dimension. Thank you

Dimension on curve

Hi Juan,
you can add a dimension to an Arc then the Arc is define by it’s radius and the position of its 2 end points. But you can’t add a dimension to a curve because it has many other relevant control points and a curve doesn’t have a constant radius along it.


Ok, so I can add radial dimensions to arc but not to curves. Got it.

Thank you for your reply.

The curve you’ve chosen is a spline, which isn’t circular and thus it’s radius is variable.
I what you want is an arc.


You can converte the spline into arcs and you can dimension it. Regards Roland

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