Projected surface area

Dear Macro lovers,
Perhaps this application deserves a solid macro.
Our mold-maker customers have been complaining for many years about the absence of a simple command that can calculate the projected surface area of a plastic injection molding product.
Very handy to determine the minimal required closing force of the injection machine when injecting the plastic.
Perhaps, somewhere in the VX era there may have been something for it.
In fact it is no more than projecting the product silhouette on a plane and measuring the surface area of it.
However, the first step is already a problem, due to the poor stability of the silhouette command.
But, assuming that can be fixed, the function should not be very complicated to write, I think.
Hopefully someone of the forum members comes up with a working solution.
Also will be very much appreciated by ZWsoft support :slight_smile:


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HI luurt4c:
I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you recently.

:grinning:I thought you were going to share macro scripts!

Hi Liangfen,

If I am correct, I sent you a library of Macro scripts that I had in a backup
I the same period you have received a copy of VX from a German user.
Do yo want me to send them again?

Best regards,

Hi luurt4c:
Do you have any new information to share? I studied the last batch Many things in VX can no longer run on zw3d platform But we can still play a lot of things I also gave them engineers a lot of problems encountered in the use. I expect them to modify the macros later!


HI luurt4c:
Do you want to write a macro to automatically output the projected area?

Hi Luurt,
if my physics is correct you are only looking at the plan area normal to the closing direction.
Then a sketch with referencing would do this task. You can Inquire area from there?
Or do I miss something?
Cheers- Paul

Hello Liangfen,

Indeed, that was the idea.
Nothing fancy, just a pop up window with the area value.

Best regards,

HI luurt4c:
Engineers may be involved, such as vector direction :grinning:
也许还是需要工程师参与的,比如矢量方向 :grinning:

I think I can try to challenge, maybe you need to wait!

Hi Paul,

For rather simple products this would be easy to do, just like manually projecting the silhouette from edges.
But more complex products are less suited for this.


Hi Liangfen,

No problem!
By the way, I can send you VX 13, if you like.

Best regards,

Hi luurt4c:
That’s great. Look forward to your email
I checked the help, and he deleted these contents from version 14!

Hi Luurt,
A little more complicated eh?
Any process to do that is going to be complex.
I am wondering if the Assembly Reference Tools might offer a path way.
E.g. Insert a ‘measure’ component then reference all the faces so you have a discrete copy.
Then insert a sketch that can use the silhouette references for each face. Should work since they are all in the same part.
After that a macro might be useful for finding the area of each enclosed shape.
Or remove all the enclosed shapes from a known shape and you will have the area.
Just thinking how this can be done with the existing tools.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Liangfen,
I think that is around the time the change to QT which effectively killed of the VX Design Automation Language. My suite of macros died with that.
Then ZWSoft did nothing about it for users until recently. Even then I am not sure that have done much?
I would have thought it was very much in their interest to make customization and easy sharing or macros.
I do not much more than that.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
Do you also have macros in the VX era?
Can you share and let me learn?
Now that macros are a test tool for their development engineers, they took them out and made mapkeys!

Sorry Liangfen,
I only+
know of one person who might apart from the guys who did(do?) the Jewellery software.
I can ask.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
Please allow direct upload * mac&. list.
It is the macro & Map key of ZW3D

HI luurt4c:
After my simple test, I found that she may not be able to achieve on 2023 I found a bug.
经过我简单测试,我发现她可能在2023上实现不了.我发现了 BUG.

HI uurt4c:
I wrote a macro that automatically outputs the section areaYou just need to create a datum first, load the script and select the solid shape. It will automatically output the cross-sectional area!
test12312 (905.7 KB)

Hi Liangfen,

Thank you very much
I will install it right away.

Best regards,

HI uurt4c:
I’ve sent it to your email. Please check it