Programming CAM Job at 10XL


We are a Dutch company working with ZW3D for CNC-routing large 3D printed objects!
First, we build up parts using large scale industrial robots and recycled molten polymers. To remove layers or increase accuracy we CNC the parts afterwards.

For CNC-milling, ZW3D is our programming software. As we print many parts, we need additional help for CNC programming. Are you familiar with ZW3D? Want to earn some extra? Looking for a new opportunity at an innovative Startup? Please contact me:, to discuss what we can offer. Programming at distance would also be a possibility.

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Do you mill the parts on conventional cnc milling/routing machines or do you cut them with robots?
I can program both, I model in ZW3D but program CNC machines in SprutCAM.

Hi Iain,
why use Sprut over ZW?

Because I own a Sprut Licence.
It is for the money the best CAM system to be found anywhere.
Full 5 axis machining is $6000 NZ with full machine simulation.
Checks G code as well as cld