Poor finish with Z Level

Hi all I am having a problem with poor surface finish with Z level cut.
Using 2021, have tried a few different things but getting an unusual pattern along the edge of curved faces. I have had this before on internal detail and found that enhance corners usually resolves the finish.
Have attached pic below.
Any advice?

Waterline finish

Hi there,

I recognize this pattern, it is something that the software is struggling with for years.
By mixing up your profile name a bit, I get to “pain in the ass” , because, that is what it is, unfortunately.
It may help to turn off all XY radius output for post processing, together with a path tolerance of 0.005 mm
The Z Level operation Itself has a switch for it in the advanced settings tab > more settings.
If you have forgotten to set that one, there is always the Machine form, which also has that switch.
Obviously, the latter will turn off all XY radius output in the cnc output.
However, it will not really solve the issue, only make it a bit better.

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Thanks Luurt,

This is something ZD3d should focus on fixing, instead of providing new releases a year in advance when the current software is not even generating an acceptable surface finish.
Z level cut is a simple process and the part I programed was also very simple.

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