PDF drawings - the best output?

ZW3D exports to PDF via the Opensource PDF code.

However Microsoft includes it’s own PDF Printer as part of Windows 10 and it is an excellent tool.

So instead of Export, use Print - and select the Microsoft PDF Printer
Then make sure the settings you need are adjusted as per the highlighted items below.
(The only down side is the setting reset when you change page format)
You will get an opportunity to choose the filename and location later in the process.

Hi Paul,
Microsoft Print to PDF adds the Coordinate Icon and Zoom(?) dimension to the Lower Left of the Page.
Drawing Origin
Is there a trick to turn these off? (Z32020)

Well. I only use the Export to PDF option now.
It is very fast and does a mostly good job.
A couple of issues re colour interpretation but in Grayscale which is where all our drawings are now. it is very good.
Also the files are much smaller than the MS versions.
Cheers - Paul

HI WJones:

I also encountered this marking problem, but it will have this reality whether exporting or printing PDF, and I can’t close it!

HI Cowboy99:
Exporting a PDF file directly will be smaller than a virtual printed PDF file, but problems such as font distortion may occur.

Agreed, but since we use the same font all the time, we can get predictable results.
I use Isocpeur font. Has to de down loaded. Gives blend of tidy, compact readable and professional look.
No issues in export.

Have not noticed any tag zoom extent values.
Cheers - Paul

Font distortion yes!
ZW Export>PDF does not process all fonts correctly, but which ones? and what will the results look like?
Well here you go.
Here are all the Standard Fonts available in Z3 (2020) on Windows 10. in order of the Z3 List Box.
There are some gaps with missing fonts, these crash Z3.
Print it with Export>PDF or your favorite PDF tool and compare side by side with the Z3 Drawing Sheet.
Fonts List.Z3 (184.0 KB)

Hi Wayne,
V2021 - I exported to PDF at 200DPI and viewed on 4k screen running at 2560x1440 res, and they all seem fine to me.
I have produced hundreds of drawings in the last year and not had any significant issues apart from the color selection not being accurate, but only use grey scale now as previously mentioned.
But I have save heaps of time and frustration by having a faster print cycle.
Not saying it cannot be improved.
Cheers - Paul

Re reading my previous post, I see it could have been perceived as negative criticism, be assured this is far from my intention, apologies for any offense. The objective was to supply a file to help others testing the rendering of fonts to PDF.

Here is a side by side screenshot that I see for Sheet1 Export>PDF vs Z3 Drawing using the default 72DPI Colorized. (200DPI Greyscale renders the same)
It appears many fonts are not rendered and fall back to a ‘default’ font.
Does anyone else see this?

Hi Wayne,
I didnt look as closely as you.
So the issues would appear to be that the Open Source PDF conversion doers not attempt to render everything.
There may be good reasons for this.
From a CAD perspective one only need to settle on a suitable font or two that do work as expected and go from there hence my satisfaction with the smaller files and faster output.
Cheers - Paul