Only simulation ribbon available

I have downloaded and opened a step file from Grabcad. Now ZW3D only starts in Simulation, even if I open an existing file of mine. Manager pane is blank and I can’t get back to the part modelling ribbon. ZW3D 2024 SP x64. I have run the installer to repair the installation but no improvement. Next thought is to return the licence, uninstall ZW3D and do a full install unless somebody has a solution.
Cheers Paul


Can you share the file?

Manuel, this is the file which has caused the problem.

Today I have returned the licence, uninstalled ZW3D, restarted the laptop, installed ZW3D, recovered the licence and still have problems.
The only ribbon which will show is Simulation
It will not open old Z3 files, only new Z3PART and Z3DRW and Z3ASSY files but there is no History pane for parts. I cannot select a part for editing.
Otherwise the computer seems to be working OK. Windows had an update a couple opf days ago.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

My licence is ZW3D 2024 Standard with Base Modules and includes Welding, Sheet Metal, Sim-static-part and Point Cloud modules but not Simulation module. Despite this, Simulation is the only ribbon available. Next idea is to try running it as a guest on another computer or download the installer again and run it on this laptop. I have a project which I have to present on Thursday so getting a bit anxious.

Prova a verificare se stai utilizzando Zw3d in modalità esperto

Well, that is weird. After repairing Windows and reinstalling ZW3D, I still was only able to see Simulation ribbon. Suspecting this was a licencing problem, I returned the licence and ran ZW3D in Evaluation mode where it ran normally and I could access the Part Manager and ribbon. I enabled the licence and restarted where I can now access Part manager. Presumably there is a file in the setup which identifies the computer to the remote licencing server which had become corrupted and was only reset when I ran in Evaluation mode. Aren’t computers fun.
Grazie Rotolo74, lo sto utilizzando sempre in modalità Esperto.

:grinning: = 哈哈

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