Object 0 does not exist

I am having this annoying message pop up when working with multi-file assemblies.
It lets me create the multi file.
I then create a new equation set, enter in the variables and their values.
Then save it. All good.
Then I create a part file and save it - all good
Then I create an assembly and save it - the above message and all the files are now removed from the browser window, and the folder the drawings/assemblies in are cleared as well.
I have tried numerous things, and nothing seems to change the outcome.
I am on Version 2020 SP x64(24.00)
Windows 10.
Very annoying and frustrating. Can’t find anything in the help file or this forum that mentions the same problem.

I have further tested, played, experimented and it appears as soon as I try to save a multi-object file with more than one file, I get this error.
I have reset the user files, all sorts of the cleanout, and keep getting a permissions error message Alert: System Error Permission Denied. Unable to access … Check access and try again.
Unfortunately, it destroys everything inside that folder and makes it useless.

hi Russty:
Maybe you can upload a file or screenshot of the problem, then you may be more convenient to understand.

Did do some screen captures of the errors but have not figured out how to get them up on the forum.

Hi Ken,
we feel your pain.
Sounds like a corrupt file. Do you have a copy before the corruption?
Have you run Clean File and Fix Objects from the Root Object level?
Clarify your file/folder set up.
Are you using One Object per File (OPF) or One File. for all Objects (normal Z3)?
If using the OPF you can still run Clean File by adding it to your DAW Toolbar using Customize /Transfer to put the icon there. Otherwise since you cannot get root objects, you cannot use it.
Unfortunately China is largely on Holiday at the moment!
As Liangfen say, a screen shot of your history/Assembly Manager might help.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Ken, copy and paste works fine!
Cheers - Paul

I have attached a number of dialog box captures as the error occurs.
I am using Multi object file for the drawing. It seems to work fine.

  1. I create a multi-object file and put in an object, drawn in situ and then save it.
    Then I select insert Component, create component and do the drawing etc. Then constrain it and that is where the proverbial hits the fan. I get all the messages below and then it deletes the complete set of files and renames them to some random number and creates a .bak file that is empty.
    The manager window goes blank and the drawing is basically cactus at that point.
    I have deleted the user directory.
    I have cleaned the user directory using the cleaning tool in the program.
    I have restarted the program, the computer numerous times, without any success.
    I can draw shapes and objects in OFP and not appear to have any issue until I bring them into the One file object.
    This image is the toolbar status info.
    This image is the first one that comes up to say it is buggered. No recovery of any files from this point forward.
    This image comes up just before everything is deleted from the drawing manager window and the program basically deletes or corrupts/renames everthing in the drawing at that time. There are no longer useful.
    After this message, if I go to file Open and chose the file name from the list all I get is a red warning message that the filename does not exist, please check your permissions and search path.

This is part of the log file.

[vxSend,"*329.965,198.023,-74.4274,DRAG"] # 2nd entity
[vxSend,"*329.965,198.023,-74.4274,RMB_UP"] # 2nd entity
[vxSend,"*341.812,175.695,124.629,RMB_UP"] # 2nd entity
[vxSend,"*204.738,-81.7687,381.529,LMB_DN"] # 2nd entity
[vxSend,"*204.738,-81.7687,381.529,LMB_UP"] # 2nd entity
Constrain components and shapes
Activate a new target object.
Saving file…
ALERT: System error: Permission denied

Unable to access [Name List] object [0] in [Storage Unit.Z3].
Check access to [F:\Dropbox (Personal)\aa-Design and Train Folders\Drawings\Corinda Townhouse\Garage Storage\Storage Unit.Z3], then try again.
Unable to access [Name List] object [0] in [Storage Unit.Z3].
Check access to [F:\Dropbox (Personal)\aa-Design and Train Folders\Drawings\Corinda Townhouse\Garage Storage\Storage Unit.Z3], then try again.
ALERT: Object 0 does not exist.

Unable to access [Name List] object [0] in [Storage Unit.Z3].
Check access to [F:\Dropbox (Personal)\aa-Design and Train Folders\Drawings\Corinda Townhouse\Garage Storage\Storage Unit.Z3], then try again.
[2021-02-16 09:47:35] Log start:
[Storage Unit.Z3] opened in 0.0010 seconds.

I have recreated a simple, two plate OFP model. The steps are:

  1. Create Multi-Object file
  2. Save MOP Image below
    3 When I create the second part within the MOP the errors begin when I hit save.
    4 Run clean file and fix objects.

Hi Russty, I saw your work directory from your post and would suggest you try storing your Final Actual design file on the PC/Laptop you are using and see if the shortened Name Directory solves your issue.

Long Names while doing BackUp has given me many issues before and I need a special program to keep the Long names while doing the BackUp.

Try placing the work folder on your Desktop to make the Directory name as short as possible.

Hope it works.


Hi Alan
Thanks for that. I created another folder on my desktop and it seems to be working fine.
The other folder was on the laptop as well, but is reflected to dropbox.
I will just keep adding parts and playing to see if that amazingly simple solution works for me.


Hi Ken,
Alan makes a good point.
I have some file anme rules.
NEVER use spaces. IF a space is require_Underscore_is_the only_safe_option.
I try and use the shortest possible File and Folder names.

In recent times we are converting names to numbers for files.
The numbers are partially intelligent e.g the first 3 digits will typically indicate a family of parts.
Then more numbers.
on creation , the last digit on a part is always 1 and 01 for assemblies
If we make a change to the part of assembly that makes it new part number, we just increment the last digit.
The 0 on the assembly indicates an assembly vs a part.
Real simple but it actually works really well.
We also do a full depth assembly BOM and use this as the reference for getting all the data correct. This is in house . A supplier would only see assembly level BOMs

Why am i talking part number - because they can be a lot shorter than names and once you get the hange o it work just fine. e.g you really dont care what the number is as long as you can find it when you want and the BOM makes that work.

Cheers - Paul

Hi Ken,
rational for no spaces is that in an equation what value is a space?
Remember that the file name is ultimately part of an equation within CAD.
Actually it is a sage piece of advice I was given a long time ago by Professor CAD Chris Ward from Wales.
Cheer - Paul

I tend to use CamelCase_ToRemoveSpaces.

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