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Hi, I want to ask How to change the document template back and forth between “Default Template” and “MM Part template”?

Here to make it clear what I mean.


Hi jazzmaster,
I am not sure what do you want.
Isn’t more convenient to have definitive templates that you never change again?
Or you just want to change their display order, back and forth, in the template picking list, depending on the situation?

If its is more about the second thing, from my understanding, the [Défaut] ( [Blank] ) template will always show up on top of any other template created in the template file. It doesn’t even appear in the template file.
… there is a way to arbitrary pick one of your templates so it show up on top of everything else in the list.
It is in “Configuration( Settings?)” window, “Files” tab, “Default template” blank field (just under the template file picking field).


I apologize for the delay in responding and appreciate your feedback on my post.

The issue is that I received some files in .Z3 format from someone, but upon opening them, I noticed that they were not consistent in appearance. Some files used the default template while others utilized the MM part template. I am seeking a way to standardize the appearance of all the files, either by using the MM or the default template.

Additionally, I have a question about creating a copy from a part in a .Z3 file. I discovered that the .Z3 data format is a bundle package that contains all the ZW3D data formats, such as .Z3PRT, Z3ASM, Z3DRW, Z3SKH, Z3CAM. This makes organizing data very easy. To save time and effort, it is better to send only the necessary data bundles to someone who needs to view specific parts, instead of sending all the data bundles.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 081739


I guess if the files come from different person, they might each use their own templates according to their needs.
From my understanding, the templates attributes are applied upon file creation, and are then self contained within the file. I have no idea if you can mod that after. This would be a learning for me too.


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Yes, that’s what I mean.
Maybe I’ll leave it like that.

And how to extract just view parts from a .Z3 file extension that consists of many parts/files inside?

Extraction is called separation so if you look at that in Help it will guide you. A tip: Check associated files when extracting to get drawings etc renamed the same as the parent file.

Re attributes, you can import and export attribute tables to an from parts. So oif you want your standard attributes on these extracted files, just import them. Loo at the bottom RH corner of the User attributes tab.
Cheers - Paul

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