Missing object preview in 2024 beta

Hi all
I am using 2022
recently I installed 2024 beta and I found strange thing
check this image. I removed One shape from other
Now if I delete one object and redefine remove shape feature
Missing object preview in 2022 is exact like missing object
preview 2022
same file open in 2024 beta, regen it and redefine remove shape feature
missing object preview is random rectangle block
preview 2024
This is only example, same things happen in all features and sometimes it doesn’t show any preview of missing object
2022 is much better it shows all missing edge, curve, face, sketch and shape as actual if they missing at the time of regenerate and it helps me lot in redefining
preview.Z3 (133.2 KB)



I think this is very good, since it has been deleted and simplified

I don’t understand what is good in this. Nothing deleted, it is showing wrong reference
In 2022 it shows actual object in dotted which is very helpful in reselect if regenerate fails